Carbon Removal Certificate | 100kg per month


This is the perfect entry point if you are looking to remove part of your carbon footprint.  Each 100kg Carbon Removal Certificate is equivalent to about 20% of the average monthly footprint of an adult in the UK or EU, so you can scale it to the level that works for you.

The engineered carbon removal solutions we use are incredible feats of science – from sucking CO2 out of the air at atmospheric concentrations, to reacting it with beautiful green olivine minerals spread across the land.  In addition to high-quality mangrove projects, this Carbon Removal Certificate includes:

  • 3% Direct Air Capture
  • 12% Enhanced Weathering
  • 5% Bio-oil Sequestration

You can learn more about the engineered and natural solutions we use here, and also why we never use avoidance offsets, only credible carbon removals.