Mangrove Lifecycle Analysis

Eden Reforestation Projects manage tree planting projects around the world, including several Mangrove programs.   

Considering Eden's analysis of Mangrove afforestation and the estimated average absorption of 308kg during a Mangrove's life, we have decided to purchase 5 sapling plantings per 1 tonne CO2 to be removed.  This exceeds the calculated requirement, but ensures a 50% buffer in the event of an area of planting being damaged during a catastrophic event.

The Mangrove lifecycle is based on an average growth life of 25 years, during which the tree absorbs the majority of the CO2.  During this period, a Mangrove will remove an average of 12.3kg per year, per tree, peaking between 10 and 20 years after planting.  Eden plants Mangroves at a density of 10,000 trees per hectare.

All data and information above is courtesy of and owned by Eden Reforestation Projects.