Can I gift a subscription to a partner or employees?

Absolutely.  You can set up a monthly subscription and request a reminder to continue or cancel at the end of the required period.   Alternatively, if you want to make a one-off purchase, just contact us.

I want to do this for my family too, how do I do this?

Of course.  There is a page within our website specifically aimed at individuals, families and employees who want to make a difference.  To help maximise your impact, we have make the the price per tonne the same as for businesses  buying larger volumes.

Our business is different to others – how can we account for more flights or shipments than the average?

Reach out to us and we can work this through with you or refer you to one of our specialized partners. 

Can I change my subscription or cancel it?

Yes, please email us at least a week before the next month’s payment is due and we will revise this as well as your ongoing monthly CO2e mitigation.  We will email confirmation of change made.

Carbon Removals

How is the carbon removed and when?

We aim to purchase the equivalent tonnage of greenhouse gas removals from our solution vendors within 30 days of payment being received.  Since the market is still relatively new, if capacity constraints at a specific vendor means they are unable provide the removals within 60 days, then we will purchase that volume from an alternative provider offering similar immediacy and durability.

How do I see how much CO2e we have removed?

At the end of each year, we will send you a certificate summarizing the removals you have made.  In addition, each month you will receive an email confirming what is being removed as part of your subscription. 

Should you require a more detailed report, with traceability to the original removals purchased, we can provide these on request.

How do you evaluate the different removal solutions?

To be considered for inclusion in a Carbon Removal Certificate, a carbon removal solution must meet both general and solution-specific criteria.  You can find out more about solution evaluation here.

What is the lifecycle analysis of the removals?

We have a page with links to the LCA for each of the carbon removal solutions.

Why are engineered carbon removals so important?

Given the GHG already in the atmosphere and the scale of emissions today, getting close to a 1.5C or 2C pathway is only possible by removing carbon from the atmosphere for the long term. Forestation can only ever provide part of that solution due to the time for them to mature and their vulnerability to pests, disease, fire and eventual natural decay.  There are other limiting factors that prevent forestation being an option as the complete solution - from the scale of planting that is needed, the competition for land use and even the heating impact a forest can have by changing the albedo (reflective levels) of an area.

Engineered solutions are both more immediate and more durable.  

Forestation has its part to play in buying time for more durable solutions to become widespread, especially given the high cost of engineered solutions today.  This is why we include high quality forestation projects as part of our portfolios, carefully selecting the most robust and impactful projects.

Why don’t you include projects like cookstoves and renewable energy? 

We strongly believe in the importance of renewable energy as part of solving climate change.  Climate Responsible however, focuses on solutions that actually remove GHG.  Renewables are essential for limiting future emissions but they don't impact what is already in the atmosphere.  Cookstove projects that are sold by some offset resellers may have a place in reducing future emissions, but certainly do not meet our exacting criteria for removing carbon.

Similarly, this is why we actively exclude Avoidance methods such as calculating trees NOT chopped down.  There is significant evidence that such Avoidances fail to deliver on the promised carbon reduction and in many cases ends up paying landowners to not cut down trees that were not planned to be be cut anyway, or just shifting the logging to a non-protected area nearby.

This is why we are starting to see a shift in purchasing behaviour away from offsets to removals by businesses that are more mature in reducing their footprint - the recent Microsoft whitepaper on corporate carbon removals is a good example.

You can find out more about the comparison between removals and offsets here.

Why are mangroves so interesting for forestation?

Blue Carbon, where CO2 is removed from the atmosphere by the ocean, seas or coastal areas is increasingly an area of interest within the scientific community.  Mangroves have an incredible carbon removal efficiency compared to other forestation species.  They can sequester up to 4x the CO2 removed per year and grow to maturity faster (10-15 years rather than 20+ for tropical and Boreal trees). 

Beyond that, the scale of recent Mangrove deforestation within Asian and African counties also means there is a pressing need to replant these areas and support those complex ecosystems and the wildlife within them.   

About Climate Responsible

Are you a charity?

No, however we are a social enterprise as we set environmental and social goals as well as financial.   On the financial side, we also ensure we are investing back into making Climate Responsible accessible to more businesses, bringing the costs of CO2e removal down and scaling up our supply technologies.

Can I share what we are doing and how?

Absolutely yes!  We believe businesses should be proud of being Climate Responsible and should reap the commercial and reputational benefits of removing (rather than offsetting) their emissions.  We provide all customers with an annual certificate of their cumulative removals and are happy to give you an update on your removal progress on request.

For our business customers, we offer the option of a public Digital Certificate page that shows the amount of carbon your company has removed through Climate Responsible.  This can be customized with your logo and updated quarterly, so you can share with your customers and teams how you are progressing.  If you want to know more about this, please reach out to us.

We want to help you spread the good word, so let us know if there is something we can do that would support you do that.

Why don’t I go to the solution companies directly?

This could be an option if you want to focus on only one technology and have a single strong determining factor for why you want to select that.  We offer portfolios to allow your business to balance cost, immediacy and permanence, enabling you to get the most impact for your investment. 

If you want to develop a customized portfolio, that focuses on a few specific solutions or at a specific monthly cost, then contact us and we can work with you to build something that fits you.