Enhanced Weathering with Olivine

Olivine is a naturally occurring igneous mineral found in locations across the world.  One of the most famous places Olivine is found is on the green sand beaches of Hawaii, where the enhanced weathering process is happening naturally today.

As Olivine reacts with CO2 (in the form of acidic rain water), it binds the CO2 as a carbonate, permanently converting it into a stable mineral.

Mg2SiO4 + 4CO2 + 2H2O => 2Mg2 + + SiO2 + 4HCO3-


How impactful is Olivine?

Olivine has the great advantage of locking CO2 away for thousands of years, but the speed at which it does so depends on several factors, most importantly how fine-grained the material is.

We are working with our partner greenSand.nl to use the highest grade, smallest grain Olivine, which captures the majority of its CO2 within the first 20 years after deployment.  With this grade, 1 ton of Olivine captures a little over 1 ton CO2 during this time, so we take a conservative approach and assume a 1-to-1 ratio.

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Take a look at this video from greenSand to learn more.