Our mission

Our team at Climate Responsible is passionate about making genuine carbon removals obtainable for everyone and doing our part to solve the climate challenge.

We believe that climate change can only be solved by businesses, individuals and governments working together on solutions - from emissions reduction to electrification and beyond.  Removing carbon and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere is a fundamental part of that mix, undoing the damage already inflicted and buying time for longer term energy solutions to work at scale.

We also recognize that the carbon removal market is nascent and in many cases expensive.  By bringing different solutions together as portfolios, we allow companies to make a tangible impact using a range of tools, at a price that works for them.  This gives more companies access to solutions that make a true difference and a realistic alternative to avoidance-based offsets.

Time is running out

Funding the future

We also strongly believe that this approach directs funding to the companies that we all need to be successful - the ones developing the next generation of carbon removal technologies.  By supporting them to bring removals down the cost curve and become more scalable, we help them reach wider markets and sooner.  An intended consequence of this is to redirect green funding away from "offsets and avoidance" and towards true carbon removals - both engineered and organic.  You can explore some of the most compelling reasons why avoidance is no longer an appropriate stop gap for true climate action here.

Out part to solve the climate challenge

Sustainable decisions

As our business grows, we are keeping the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals as a central part of our culture.  One of the reasons we are working with mangrove projects for our natural solutions is their incredible ability to support ecosystems on land and underwater.  At our current stage, we are confident our actions are positively impacting at least three of the SDG: Climate Action, Life Below Water and Life On Land.




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